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Tweet I lost my diamond the other day, the only diamond I’ve ever owned. It was in the engagement ring I wore for the past 10 years, and I never thought it would come out. I’d quite authoritatively lectured other women on how keep and care for their diamonds. New brides or the newly-engaged, I […]


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TweetThe magician palms the coin Caresses your face, and taa-daa He pretends it came from your ear But it didn’t He was holding The dealer plays the concealed card Flourishes it, even It ruins your hand You think it’s just bad luck It wasn’t – he was holding I held something secret, too Held it […]

I reached for something I needed

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TweetI reached for something I needed and came away bloodied The sting and slice into my thumb Instant notice of my mistake I should have known, but didn’t The bag was dark Embarrassed eyes avert from my unclean bandage A constant reminder That I did not protect myself And now no one can I am […]

Sorry I haven’t updated, but I’m lame

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TweetFound this on, and it says it all. Get thee there and laugh.

The Year of No Rabbit

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TweetI can’t believe it’s been a year since this happened. Here’s a photo album of some of Rabbit’s cutest moments, captured with my phone camera. Today we will lay a stone for Rabbit where we buried him in the backyard. Felt very weird and adult to order such a thing, but Rabbit surely deserved it. […]

Rabbit was a cat

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TweetOne day I was at the vet with my two cats. I’d signed them in on the sheet at the front with their names, my name, and our arrival time. The vet tech read the sheet, then said, “Who brought the rabbit?” I answered, “I did. And Rabbit is a cat.”

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