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Peg’s Oscar recap & top ten movies of the year

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TweetWow! I just got finished watching the Oscars, and what a movie year it was! Not only that, but I made my most accurate predictions ever. Didn’t that set with the Swarovski crystal curtain look incredible? And I think the device of having 5 past winners in a category present the award was marvellous. This […]

If I gave out the Oscars…

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TweetThe 2009 Academy Awards are just two days away! Here’s who would win if I ran the show, along with my predictions for who will win. Best Actor On pure acting chops, the best was Sean Penn, but Hollywood is a big softie and tends to reward living the role. In that case, Mickey Rourke takes […]

Peg’s Oscar Run – T minus 3 days & counting

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TweetI’ve been making good progress on my Oscar Run. Just to remind the uninitiated, an Oscar Run is an attempt to see all feature-length movies nominated for an Oscar or containing an Oscar nominee before the prizes are awarded. This year, that is this Sunday, February 22. Coming soon: my top ten list from these […]

Australia – Surprise! Not a steaming pile

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Tweet Official website – IMDB listing Oscar nomination: Costume Design I was prepared to laugh it up over Australia. Something about the trailers hinted at a movie that was way too ambitious, too arch, too earnest, and at 3 hours, too long – and this was the director that gave us Moulin Rouge, after all. […]

Wanted: These movies!

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TweetA successful Oscar Run can only be achieved if you see every nominated feature length movie. Thus, I’m in a pickle, because the following films are hiding from me. Can you help? I need to find a way to see: The Baader Meinhof Complex (from Germany) Betrayal (Nerakhoon) The Class (from France) Departures (from Japan) […]

Icy desperation in Frozen River

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TweetOfficial website – IMDB listing Oscar nominations: Best Actress – Melissa Leo, Best Original Screenplay – Courtney Hunt Times are tough. It’s the dead of winter in Massena, New York, and Ray Eddy (Melissa Leo) is a part-time cashier down to feeding her two kids nothing but Tang and popcorn. It gets cold in their […]

There’s no resisting Happy-Go-Lucky

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TweetOfficial website – IMDB listing Oscar nomination: Best Original Screenplay – Mike Leigh Do you know that moment when you open a bottle of champagne, and you can feel the cork moving in your hand, almost of its own volition? It’s like an angel is saying, “Let me out!” In the same way, giggles seem […]

Peg’s review: The Visitor

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TweetOfficial website – IMDB listing Oscar nomination: Best Actor – Richard Jenkins This is a quiet little film from Thomas McCarthy, the writer/director of 2003’s The Station Agent, about the power of music to draw us out and connect us. Walter (Richard Jenkins) is a Connecticut college professor who has taught the same class for 20 […]

Let the Oscar Run begin!

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Tweet Now that the Oscar nominees have been announced, it’s time to go see a lot of movies.As I explained in my previous post, I try to watch as many Oscar-nominated movies as humanly possible before the Oscar telecast. That has sometimes meant nearly 40 movies in less than a month. This year’s list is […]

And the nominees are…(and aren’t)

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TweetHave you seen the Oscar nominee list yet? No? Okay, go here and then let’s talk: 81st Annual Academy Awards Nominees You back? Great. Here are my initial reactions. Dark Knight snubbed! In my opinion, it should have gotten noms for Best Picture, Best Director and one of the screenplay awards. Somebody buy Christopher Nolan […]

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