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TweetCurrent state: 32 movies seen, 14 to go, 8 days left. As you may know, my husband Ken and I do an Oscar Run every February, a challenge which often means seeing at least up to 3 movies a day for a month. We’ve done this together since 2000, and I’ve blogged it since 2009. […]

Missing 9 Oscar nominees and shaking my head

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Tweet With Netflix and Hulu streaming to our connected Blu-Ray player, Netflix mailing discs to our house with regularity, and us running to the theater sometimes four times in one day, you’d think this year’s Oscar Run would be one of our most complete ever. So how is it we’re going to miss 9 movies, […]

The #lazyweb guide to seeing 2010 Oscar movies

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TweetEvery year my husband and I commit to seeing every movie nominated for an Oscar or with an Oscar nominee in it before the awards ceremony itself. This year, that meant seeing 32 movies in 33 days (excluding shorts and the 9 movies we’d already seen). We’re not even in the industry, so we don’t […]

Peg’s 2009 Oscar picks & predictions

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Tweet Christoph Waltz in Inglourious Basterds State of the Oscar Run (updated 3/8/10): Saw all but 2 films. Which Way Home eluded me completely. Ajami I couldn’t find with English subtitles, and I don’t speak Hebrew. Squeezed in Un Prophete and El Secreto de Sus Ojos before the Oscars. All told, I saw 32 full-length […]

Oscar Run must-see’s and hell-no’s

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Tweet Ben Whishaw and Abbie Cornish pine for each other in Bright Star I’ve noticed I’m writing fewer reviews of individual movies this year, and by fewer, I mean “not a single one yet.” Sorry, movie fans. Here’s some (I hope) useful info that I can jot down quickly. We’ve seen 26 of the 34 […]

Time for some Oscar picks

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TweetState of the Oscar Run: 21 more movies to see in 14 days. Podcast alert: If you prefer your movie talk in a visual format, go check out my husband Ken’s new video podcast That Movie Was…, where he and his friend James give their opinions on current movies. Ken and I have reached a […]

Wanted: These hard-to-find Oscar movies!

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TweetDo you know where I could see these movies? They are Oscar-nominated, but eluding me. Help a movie-lover out! Ajami (from Israel) Burma VJ El Secreto De Sus Ojos (from Argentina) The Messenger The Milk of Sorrow (from Peru) The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers The Secret of Kells […]

Tweet As Ken and I have discovered over many years of trying to see Oscar-nominated movies, a nomination doesn’t guarantee that a movie will stay in theaters long enough for you to see it. It helps that there are more movies on DVD and available via cable On Demand services every year, but there are […]

Start your engines! 2009 Oscar noms announced

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TweetAs I first explained a year ago, my husband and I try to see every film with an Oscar nomination or a nominee in it before the prizes are awarded. We call this the Oscar Run. Today we got our marching orders – the 2009 Oscar nominees were announced. Go here for a complete list. […]

TweetNo posts for a month? Dear readers, you must have wondered what hole I fell into. It was a deep and wide hole, and its name is Overcommitment. I fell down it and couldn’t get up. Several of my friends were down there, too. We discussed our predicament over many beers. This did not help […]

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