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TweetEveryone pulls a boner on their blog sometime (figuratively speaking, of course). A joke misfires, or a reference is misunderstood. It’s okay, step back off the ledge…this is not the end of your blogging career. Here are some tips about how to regain your credibility as a blogger after a disastrous post. Some of these […]

Tweet Tonight I go to my first-ever blogging conference. I admit, I’m feeling a bit nervous. What if the other kids don’t like me? What if no one sits with me at lunch? What if I forget my locker combination? (Oh wait, last last bit of anxiety is left over from high school.) But seriously, […]

Hey look, I’m in the newspaper again!

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TweetOne day getting published will seem run-of-the-mill for me. But it isn’t yet! (Squeal!) I recently wrote a column for the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Social Media Monday about Facebook: How Facebook can help save friendships, time and your ego Enjoy!                               […]

Hey look, I’m in the newspaper!

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Tweet…And I didn’t have to die, sleep with the President, or get taken hostage! Awesome. I recently wrote a column for the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Social Media Monday about tweetups: Social Media Monday: How to meet those you tweet Enjoy!                               […]

TweetHere’s a news story I was in about location sharing (Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, etc.) for NBC 7/39 in San Diego. The story aired 5/22/10. Thanks to Jenn Van Grove for recommending me as a “typical Foursquare user.” The only downside to the story was that after it aired, several folks I didn’t know wanted to […]

TweetRecently I took what some might think is a crazy leap, professionally: I left my comfortable position as a learning technology specialist at Qualcomm without a “next job” to go to. Qualcomm offered me a generous transition package (thanks, QC!) and I decided that a transition was just what I needed.

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