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For real, though

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TweetEveryone pulls a boner on their blog sometime (figuratively speaking, of course). A joke misfires, or a reference is misunderstood. It’s okay, step back off the ledge…this is not the end of your blogging career. Here are some tips about how to regain your credibility as a blogger after a disastrous post. Some of these […]

TweetCurrent state: 32 movies seen, 14 to go, 8 days left. As you may know, my husband Ken and I do an Oscar Run every February, a challenge which often means seeing at least up to 3 movies a day for a month. We’ve done this together since 2000, and I’ve blogged it since 2009. […]

Sorry I haven’t updated, but I’m lame

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TweetFound this on, and it says it all. Get thee there and laugh.

Tweet Tonight I go to my first-ever blogging conference. I admit, I’m feeling a bit nervous. What if the other kids don’t like me? What if no one sits with me at lunch? What if I forget my locker combination? (Oh wait, last last bit of anxiety is left over from high school.) But seriously, […]

Oops! Haven’t posted in a while

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TweetThat’s what happens when you get a job in social media. You stop actually blogging. I’ll be back soon, I promise. In the meantime, go check out the awesome blogs on my new project, We have over 130 bloggers there, covering such things as travel, small business, law, money, and food. You know, all […]

TweetSo I’m watching Bored to Death on HBO, the new film noir/comedy series starring Jason Schwartzman. We had recorded several episodes on our DVR, and my husband was zipping through the in-between filler stuff to get to the next episode, when I yelled “STOP!!!”

TweetNo posts for a month? Dear readers, you must have wondered what hole I fell into. It was a deep and wide hole, and its name is Overcommitment. I fell down it and couldn’t get up. Several of my friends were down there, too. We discussed our predicament over many beers. This did not help […]

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