5 years of movie tickets

5 years of movie tickets, courtesy Flickr user fligtar (CC 2.0)

Current state: 32 movies seen, 14 to go, 8 days left.

As you may know, my husband Ken and I do an Oscar Run every February, a challenge which often means seeing at least up to 3 movies a day for a month. We’ve done this together since 2000, and I’ve blogged it since 2009.

This year has been a little different. We’re still seeing just as many movies — in fact, 46 movies in 34 days, our highest total ever — and I’m still blogging about it. But I’m now blogging it for my company, DivX (maker of video compression technology and a division of digital entertainment giant Rovi). To stay on the proper side of copyrights, I’m calling this the Major Award Movie Sprint.

I’m very lucky to work at a company full of movie fans who think this is a great idea, and who have helped me get as close to seeing all the Oscar movies as I’ve ever been. The perks include one I can pass on…a downloadable checklist of all 2011 Oscar movies for your ticking pleasure.

As of today (Sunday, Feb. 19) I’ve seen 32 movies, either in theaters, on Blu-Ray, via On Demand, over Netflix streaming or disc, and sometimes by means I shouldn’t mention. As always, the methods by which access movies keep shifting, but we still see the majority in theaters. While I like the theater experience the best — especially if the movie is in 3D, as with Hugo and The Adventures of Tintin — I hope one day I can see many more at home, in pristine DivX HD format, and at a reasonable cost. One can dream.

I also dream of a day when makers of documentaries and foreign language films, which are notoriously hard to find, can distribute their work as freely as musicians have come to do. I have yet to see a single 2011-nominated foreign language film, and 4 of the 5 are absolutely nowhere to be found (Bullhead, Footnote, In Darkness, and Monsieur Lazhar). The documentary Undefeated won’t be in my area until March. Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to the film’s website, pay $5 or $10, and see the movie? And how is preventing such a model not an abridgment of free speech?

Well, now you know it’s me, because I got cranky.

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